How to use "Chinese Restaurant"?

Touch and pull up the application tab on your home screen, and tap the "Chinese Restaurant" to start it.

It will display a map with some restaurant markters.

Press "Menu", you will see the following menu options:

"Restaurant": find the restaurants in current map view area. Search starts from the map center, across the entire view area. You can move the map to search the different area, and zoom in/out to controll the area you are search for. The bigger the area, the more restaurants you might find.

"Location": enter a zip code, an address, or airport code to find the restaurants. The range is based on whatever zoom level you are previous on.

"Map mode": switch map mode.

"List": display the restaurants in a list view.

"My Location": find in my current location.

"Add": add a restaurant.

"FAQ": for frequently asked questions

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