Population vs. # of CRs by States

clickable chart by WCW

Interesting, if you look at "TX", Texas, is has big population verse less restaurants, as compared to other states. For the customer, if you are looking for a chinese restaurant in Texas, it will be harder to find one than in other states.

However, if you are thinking about opening a new restaurant, Texas seems to be a good place. You might not want to open it in New Jersey since the ratio of the number of restaurants versus population is really high.

We can further calculate the ratio, or to more specific area like city, town, zip code. If you need these data and analysis, let us know.

Population and Number of Chinese Restaurants by States

# of CRs Population
1 California CA 4898 36756666
2 New York NY 2685 19490297
3 Florida FL 2036 18328340
4 Texas TX 1912 24326974
5 New Jersey NJ 1636 8682661
6 Pennsylvania PA 1398 12448279
7 Illinois IL 1396 12901563
8 Massachusetts MA 955 6497967
9 Georgia GA 930 9685744
10 Ohio OH 914 11485910